Now that the summer has officially ended, for most of us at least, here's our September '09 newsletter.

We've worked hard over the years to build our reputation for excellent service, so I thought it might be worth giving you a 'behind the scenes' glimpse of how we operate. Hopefully you'll discover a few things you didn't know about us, and maybe you'll wince when you read our 'SOS' stories!

As always, next time you need a carpet installation partner to deliver outstanding service to your customers, I hope you won’t have to look far!

Best regards, and talk to you soon.


Summer 2009 Newsletter

10 Aspects of Aspect

Did you know that we are about to enter our 10th year of continuous, profitable business? As we’re counting down to our 10th anniversary celebrations already, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about us:

Aspect Carpet Installations was founded in 2000. Our Managing Director has over 30 years experience in the business

Our focus is on quality, so we’re members of BIDA – the British Interior Design Association

We think we’ve travelled enough miles in 30 years of carpet installations to take us round the world 3 times!

Our work has taken us to 13 countries in Europe and the Far East.

We have completed jobs for rock stars, film stars, politicians and royalty (in the UK and overseas). In order to preserve our clients’ privacy we won’t mention them!

We partner with some of the UK’s top interior designers and carpet suppliers

We also partner with some of the UK’s best up and coming designers who are only just starting their careers

We have been called upon at short notice to rescue disastrous situations including carpets that have been cut wrong or sloppily installed by other unqualified fitters

Many of our clients have been working with us for nearly 10 years. We are about to carpet the 75 bedrooms of a 5 star boutique hotel in Central London for the third time.

We don’t just do houses. Previous work has included royal palaces, hotels, private jets, restaurants, cruise ships, auction houses

Find out what some our clients say about our work


10 Aspects of Aspect

Hiding Under The Carpet: The World of Underlay

You never actually see it. But the type and quality of your underlay can affect the overall feel of your finished carpet. Did you know there are over 100 different types of underlay? But how do you choose the right type for each job?

Each type of underlay is designed for different types of carpet, surface quality and material.

Of course, you never actually see it, but the type and quality of your underlay can affect the overall feel of the finished carpet.

For instance, it’s vital to select the right thickness and softness of underlay for the optimum ‘underfoot experience’. We can also supply underlay for different levels of warmth, sound and draft insulation – and of course durability.

Leading brands are now manufactured with green credentials too, to satisfy more environmentally-conscious clients.

So how do you choose from such a massive range of choices? Simply leave it to us!

To meet the exacting requirements of our interior design clients, carpet suppliers and their customers, we supply and fit what we judge to be the best underlay products on the market. And always with a mind to what is going to work best in the specific circumstances where it will be used.


Hiding Under The Carpet: The World of Underlay

Carpet Installation SOS

Every year, in addition to our normal work for clients, Aspect is called on to rescue all kinds of carpet installation mishaps. Normally it’s a polite but urgent “HELP” and a request to drop everything and arrive on the client’s site ‘tomorrow’.

We can’t promise to drop everything, but we always try to be flexible and responsive. Here are a couple of Carpet Installation SOS situations which we’ve managed to rescue from the brink of disaster…

Carpet Installation SOS

Accident in Athens

We were recently called in by a regular customer after their client had contracted a “cheap” local carpet installer in Athens. The client had purchased a top quality custom carpet and had the local fitters install it, but unfortunately they did not have the required experience and made a bit of a mess of things.

We sent a team out to Athens for over a week to rectify their problems and the client was very pleased with the end result.

The delighted designer commented to us: “Please pass on our warm regards and a very big thank you to your fitter for being so wonderful and accommodating. He achieved a much better result than we had initially thought possible. His level of skill and attention to every detail was amazing. Thank you for sending out one of your best people! It really helps our client relationships”

Just goes to show that cheapest is not always the least expensive!


Aspect Carpets in Athens

Private Lear Jet

Aspect was called in by an American carpet manufacturer who we had worked with previously. The manufacturer had just delivered a custom-made carpet for a private Lear jet. The only problem was that when it was laid out in the jet, the carpet was over an inch short!

We sent a team to meet the jet and collect the carpet. We then took it to our workshop and power stretched it to fit. The carpet then fitted perfectly and the client avoided having to buy a costly replacement and a lengthy delay.


Private Lear Jet

On location

Most of our work is in the UK, but we are often asked to undertake jobs on location in countries all over Europe. We can get pretty much anywhere to service our clients, and though completing jobs on foreign soil has its challenges, it can also be extremely rewarding.

The logistics of overseas work can be complex as costs can escalate if projects are delayed or run late. At Aspect we work very hard to plan every element of our projects in fine detail, arriving on time and completing the work to a strict deadline.

Recently projects have taken us to Greece, Italy and Sweden, and our last overseas engagement was on a large project in France at a client’s holiday home in the beautiful area of Cap Ferrat.

We had a two week slot to complete the installation of fitted carpets, top to bottom, including stair runners.

As always, our team worked hard to meet the strict project schedule, and on this occasion we managed to complete the job 2 days early. We had a very happy client!


Aspect Carpets Cap Ferrat.

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